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The Divine Co.

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Hannah Davis


Where divine creativity meets marketing strategy.

We are The Divine Co. – a niche marketing company that caters to the hustlers, shakers, movers, and makers of the world. We believe in providing branding that embodies you. The heart of your mission, vision, personality, and style should be at the forefront of your business identity. And our focus on creating that social imagery is making that Insta game of yours stronger than ever.

As a product of a generation that has experienced a crowded market in the digital world, we have developed an appreciation for beautifully orchestrated design. But, we know this can only be achieved when our clients’ needs and marketing goals are at the forefront of our marketing strategy. The challenge of helping our clients reach their business goals is our pleasure, but making a branding difference is our passion.

The Divine Co. was created with a foundation of ambition, perseverance, grit, and ultimately, creativity. We’re on a mission to unleash the extraordinary power of innovation. Ready to see what we’re made of? Let’s dream together.


Your brand ties together anything  that reflects your values, mission, and messaging. From logo creation and branding design to website design, social media graphics, and print materials, we ensure that your brand stands out in a crowded market. And this is only the beginning!


We will develop a marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals and helps you reach your target audience. We’re talking industry research, analyzing your competition, and identifying key marketing opportunities to create a plan that maximizes your ROI.


We are in the business of crafting compelling content that resonates with your audience and aligns with your brand’s voice and tone. From website copy, blog posts, social media content, email marketing, and more, we ensure that your messaging is consistent.


We execute your marketing plan by leveraging a range of tactics, including paid advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. We track your results and optimize your campaigns to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your marketing budget, increase your brand awareness, generate leads, and drive conversions. 


We provide marketing solutions for the ambitious.

We specialize in working with business owners that have an entrepreneur mindset whose mission is to get ahead of the digital media curve (because we know, there’s a lot to cover!)

Hey there! I’m Hannah Davis – an executive partner of the Divine Co. I’m a West Texas native and Texas Tech graduate. Wreck ’em always!

I’ve had my roots in the marketing space for the past five years. I have extensive experience in marketing businesses that fall in a wide range of industries. I’m talking anywhere from oil and gas, real estate, retail, non-profits and everything in between. I chase after the satisfaction that my clients have when they see the fruition of their marketing efforts. 

I knew I’ve always had the ambition to own my own business one day. So here I am, taking the leap! As a partner of The Divine Co. – I am dedicated to fostering relationships with my clients and ensuring that my success becomes their success. 

When we sat down to form The Divine Co. – we knew we wanted our business to be glorifying to God and be something that would better serve our Lubbock community that we know and love. We take inspiration from our name and the meaning behind the word “Divine” which means “of or from God” and “excellent, delightful, or appealing.” Together, we form a powerful team that brings passion to providing marketing solutions that are effective, meaningful, and reflective to the heart of our clients businesses. The Divine Co. was built for business owners by business owners!

So we hope you’ll tag a long for the ride! 


Let’s create divine marketing magic together – get in touch with us today!

PHONE: (806) 789- 5954
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ADRESS: 4620 50th Street Suite 4A Lubbock, TX 79414

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